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workmates / passive eurorack tools / 0 HP

WORKMATES is a series of little passive 0HP modules that offer simple but effective audio and CV processing in conjunction with your modular or semi-modular synth. Note that these are passive modules without any power consumption. As a result, you will have a bit of signal level reduction when patching a WORKMATE within your modular processing chain. Nevertheless these little helpers are very convenient solution providers if you run out of HP. They are also the easiest way to learn SMD soldering. Practice your soldering skills without any fear of shorts and magic smoke.


PIX is a passive mixer with 3 stereo inputs and 1 stereo output. Each channel has its own volume control and tilt EQ. With the EQ you can emphasize either low or high frequencies. 

Due to its passive design, a very compact format could be realized, with dimensions of only 55mm x 65mm.

It was designed for use with modular level inputs, which are further processed by line-level devices with volume amplification. 

You can also use this mixer with line-level synthesizers, but you will lose quite a bit of volume. If too much gain is then used in the downstream processing chain, the noise floor can be raised to an uncomfortable level.  Nevertheless, PIX has been used successfully with line-level signals.

PIX is your solution for compact mixing requirements in a mobile  modular setup.


Splits MIC MONO INPUT and STEREO OUTPUT signals to individual jacks from TRRS Combo Jack. The microphone input has a level potentiometer. Ideal for easy sampling and mixing with devices like OP-Z or tablets.


TOUCH is a passive, touch-sensitive attenuator. Any signal applied to the input jack passes through your skin to the output jack. Depending on the amount of pressure and the moisture of your finger, the resistance decreases, allowing a larger portion of the signal to pass through.

trs switch

TRS MIDI type A to/from TRS MIDI type B adapter. Swaps the tip and ring of a 3.5mm stereo jack. Ideal for connecting TRS MIDI devices with different TRS MIDI standards (e.g. Novation device with KORG device).


LPG is a passive vactrol based low pass gate. It also has a passive low pass filter for subtle tone control. By choosing different kind of vactrols you will achieve contrasting kind of gate responses, from lush and slow to very fast and snappy.

clipping cat

CLIPPING CAT is a passive distortion that can blend between hard clipping crossover distortion and softened LED clipping that is only applied to negative peaks of the signal. Hence you can control the type of distortion from harsh clipping to a rather subtle distortion with more even order harmonics. “Clipping Cat” will wink if you turn the potentiometer counter-clockwise for softened distortion and will stare at you with both eyes turning it clockwise for harsh clipping.

Clipping Cat is also availbable as an active 3U module!


SWAP exchanges the destination of one or two sources (audio or CV) with the push of a button. This way you can route two different signals to the corresponding destination of the other input or route one signal to either one of two patch cables. You may also use it as a simple on/off switch. There might be audible clicks when using it to swap/switch audio.


COMBINER is either a 4 to 1 Passive Mixer, an or-wired Trigger/Gate Combiner or a 1 to 4 Passive Mult. Before soldering you have to decide which functionality you prefer. If you solder resistors you will get a four-channel mixer and if you solder diodes you will have a trigger/gate combiner. For a Passive Mult you just need to short the pads mentioned in the BOM.


EQ is a one knob low and high frequency EQ with mid frequency range control. Turning the knob counter-clockwise will filter out frequencies above 1kHz and turning it clockwise will filter out frequencies below 1kHz. Not filtered frequencies are emphasized a bit to have a sharper sound when lower frequencies are filtered and to have more bass when higher frequencies are filtered. The little mid frequency range knob moves the cutoff range around 1kHz and changes how much the not filtered frequencies are emphasized. 


ATT is a simple attenuator that allows level control over CV or audio signals. If you want to use it for audio and you don´t have a logarithmic pot at hand, you have the option to use a linear potentiometer and solder an additional resistor for a fake logarithmic response.

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