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catch / sample & hold / 6 HP

Catch is a modular swiss army knife combining a great variety of useful functions in 6 HP modular width.

key features

  • Stepped Random Generator

  • Sample and Hold

  •  CV Clock Generator

  •  Attenuverter

  •  Offset

  •  Noise Source

  •  LED indication

  •  Skiff friendly

  •  Wrong polarity protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 6 HP

  • depth: 28 mm

  • power: 38 mA @ +12V / 27 mA @ -12V


description / manual

Catch serves as a modular multitool, integrating a diverse range of valuable functions:

  • Stepped Random Generator

  • Sample and Hold

  • CV Clock Generator

  • Attenuverter

  • Offset

  • Noise Source

On top of the module you will find the clock generator with its speed potentiometer. Turning CW will increase the speed of the clocks generated. The speed range can be altered with the ON-OFF-ON switch and CV controlled via the CV jack. The clock signal is forwarded to the CLOCK OUT and to the internal Stepped Random Generator and Sample and Hold circuit.

If nothing is patched into the TRIG IN jack, the clock triggers the Stepped Random Generator and provides a random voltage on the C/OUT jack. This connection will be cut in case of an external trigger signal being patched to TRIG.

In case of a voltage being patched to IN, this source will be sampled and caught on trig on the C/OUT jack.

Either the external or the internal voltage signal can be offset and attenuverted and will be supplied on the A/OUT jack, The left bicolor LED indicates the current voltage being adjusted by the offset and attenuverter and the right bicolor LED shows the random voltage being caught on internal or external trigger.

If you patch OUT into your audio path, you will hear very warm white noise.