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st case small / 3d-printable eurorack case / 20 HP

ST CASE SMALL is a 20HP 3D printable Eurorack case designed to hold a small power supply (e.g. POW!) and an effects module to build a modular-compatible effects unit the size of a guitar pedal. Of course, you can also mount any other type of module that suits your needs. The internal depth of the cabinet is 35mm, the rails are inserted from the side. It is recommended to glue small rubber feet underneath to ensure a good stand. There is a large hole at the bottom for easy access to the power cables and calibration trimmers or bridges. This makes this enclosure ideal for testing purposes.


To have your ST CASE SMALL printed, you can download the STL-file below and contact your preferred 3D printing service. It is best to use PLA or PETG filaments. The average cost of printing the enclosure at an online print shop is around 15€ to 30€ (PLA; black; no finish). Local 3D printing services are often cheaper than those you find online. If you print the enclosure yourself on your own printer, it costs about 3€. The case shown on this page was printed with PLA on a Bambu Lab X1C.


key features

  • 3D-Printable​

  • Low-Cost

  • Slide-in Rail Brackets

  • Lightweight

specs & downloads

  • width:  20 HP

  • depth: 55 mm

  • power: no psu

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