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midi thru / active 1x5 trs midi thru / 0 HP

MIDI THRU serves as an operational MIDI multiplier, enabling a 1 to 5 connection, utilizing 3.5mm TRS jacks. In contemporary times, numerous devices incorporate TRS jacks for their MIDI connectivity. To establish connections with standard MIDI cables, you would require 3.5mm stereo audio jack plugs to MIDI DIN 5-pin adapters. Additionally, the majority of MIDI tools are exclusively designed with traditional MIDI DIN jacks. This is where the functionality of MIDI THRU becomes evident, allowing direct connections between your TRS MIDI devices without necessitating adapter cables.

key features


  • 1 Input, 5 Outputs

  • A or B-Type TRS Input

  • LED Indication

  • Plug & Play

  • USB Powered

  • Optional TRS-Switch for the Outputs

  • 0HP Desktop-Tool




Optional TRS-Switch

(Type A ↔ Type B):

description / manual

There is one MIDI input which is switchable from TRS MIDI Type A (this is the new standard used by KORG, Make Noise, AKAI and IK Multimedia) to TRS MIDI type B (this is the old alternative standard used by Arturia, Novation or 1010Music) by means of a push button. 

The input signal is actively multiplied to 5 TRS-Type A outputs. An LED indicates if a MIDI signal is being processed. MIDI THRU is powered via USB-C. 

Since it is an active device, it can only be used in one direction. Therefore, the outputs cannot be used as inputs.

If you need a simple TRS-A to TRS-B adapter, please check out the workmate trs switch.

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