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reverb / short reverb / 4 HP

Reverb is a very simple 4HP Reverb module based on the Accutronics Digi-Log-Reverb BTDR-2H.

key features

  • 2 to 2.85 Seconds Reverb Time depending on the BTDR Type

  • Tone Control

  • “OSC” Switch for Feedback Loops

  • “Depth” Reverb Size Control

  • Wrong Polarity Protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 4 HP

  • depth: 55 mm

  • power: 65 mA @ +12V / 0 mA @ -12V


description / manual

The unit features typical Reverb Amount and Feedback controls, along with an extra Tone knob to adjust the input audio's frequency for the reverb.

Furthermore, an OSC toggle activates a reverb signal feedback loop, while the Depth setting can be likened to a "cathedral" switch, expanding the reverb's expanse.

This straightforward design produces concise reverberations along with abundant noise and captivating feedback chaos.