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cv pan / stereo panning module / 6 HP

CV PAN is a traditional CV panning module that is used to distribute a signal manually or automatically to both stereo channels.

key features

  • Stereo Pan

  • CV Input with Attenuator

  • LED Indication

  • Stereo Input & Output

  • Skiff friendly

  • Wrong polarity protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 6 HP

  • depth: 30 mm

  • power: 35 mA @ +12V / 21 mA @ -12V


description / manual

CV PAN is a straightforward CV panning module featuring stereo input and output capabilities. When a stereo signal is connected, you can adjust the PAN knob to distribute the signal evenly to both the L and R outputs when in the center position, or shift emphasis to either the left or right channel by turning the knob accordingly. If a mono signal is used, the left input is automatically routed to the right channel, effectively converting the mono signal into a stereo output. To enable automated pan control, apply CV to the CV input. A complete pan change can be achieved by applying +5V. Adjust the CV input attenuator to the left to reduce the CV level for smaller panning movements.

The output sockets deliver the processed stereo signal, ready for routing to other modules. CV PAN QUICK START GUIDE:

Download PDF • 390KB