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radio / analog fm radio with autoamtic cv channel search / 4 HP

RADIO is an analog FM RADIO with an automatic channel-search functionality. It supports a frequency band of 83,5 - 114 MHz, has a built-in frequency control with signal quality evaluation and runs with automatic noise suppression. It is a never ending sound source and a great companion for your Eurorack sampler or audio mangler.

key features

  • Analog FM Radio

  • Automatic Channel Search with Signal Quality Evaluation

  • Automatic Noise Suppression

  • 83,5 - 114 MHz Bandwidth

  • CV Control over Channel Search or Reset

  • Volume Control

  • Gain Stage at the Output

  • Illuminated ST Modular Logo

specs & downloads

  • width: 4 HP

  • depth: 28 mm

  • power: 18 mA @ +12V / 10 mA @ -12V


description / manual

By pressing the buttons CH- and CH+ you can activate the automatic channel-search function up or down the frequency range. If a signal passes the internal quality evaluation the search is ended and the radio signal is available at the OUT socket. If you want to change to another radio station channel-search is also accessible via CV. Simply patch any gate or trigger signal into the inputs CH- and CH +. Two LEDs indicate of a trigger or gate signal is applied. Channel changes can be really quick, if there are good signals close to each other on the frequency band. If the signal is bad the search automatism may need more time to find good signals leading to slower channel changes.

The RST button resets the search to the lowest frequency. After reset you will receive some really nice radio noises until you proceed to the next proper channel again. You can also route the CH- CV input to RST via jumper on the back of the PCB.

The module has two volume buttons for quick level adjustments. Additionally it has an active GAIN stage adjustable via trimmer in order to raise the maximum volume to modular levels. The patch-cable connected to the OUT socket acts as an antenna. It´s best to choose a long cable and move it around until you receive the best signals.