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eurokastle / eurorack version of the bastl kastle / 10 HP

This is a Eurorack adaptation of the renowned Bastl Instruments Kastle – a digital synthesis playground. Embodying the full spectrum of Kastle 1.5 functionality, this version features subtle modifications to seamlessly integrate into the Eurorack format.

key features

  • Please check out the Bastl Desktop Synths for further details and consider buying one - it´s worth it!

  • Use with Bastl Kastle or Drum Kastle Firmware

  • Illuminated EuroKastle Logo

  • Wrong Polarity Protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 10 HP

  • depth: 28 mm

  • power: 47 mA @ +12V


description / manual

Switching between OSC mode and Rungler mode has been streamlined with a convenient switch, eliminating the need for intricate cable patching. Furthermore, each functionality is consolidated to a single input/output, simplifying your setup. Notably, our EuroKastle boasts a unique Waveshape CV attenuator absent in the original Kastle design.

While we highly recommend Bastl's desktop version, the EuroKastle can stand independently. You can independently source all the required components, without necessarily needing the original. It's important to note that the PCB lacks an AVR ISP header. To program the Attiny85 ICs, a prior flashing process is essential before they find their place in the IC sockets (a breadboard can be utilized for this purpose). The programming process can be completed using any AVR ISP programmer. Powering the EuroKastle is a breeze with compatibility with standard Eurorack power supply units.

Version V2 introduces AVR Headers to the PCB's bottom for direct ATTiny programming on the PCB itself. The diode pads have been thoughtfully enlarged for an enhanced soldering experience. Additionally, the CV Sources are normalized to the CV Input switches, facilitating instant modulation without the need for external patching.

In Version V3, we've incorporated a jumper that allows you to transform the Mix OR OUT socket into a TRIGGER INPUT for the Drum Kastle firmware, enhancing your creative possibilities.

For those seeking additional technical details and resources, we encourage you to explore the following links: