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pow! / usb power supply unit / 3 HP

POW! is a 3HP USB Power Supply Unit for Eurorack.

key features

  • USB PSU for Eurorack

  • 300mA +12V

  • 150mA -12V

  • 500mA +5V from USB

  • On/OFF Switch

  • LED indication

  • Skiff friendly

specs & downloads

  • width: 3 HP

  • depth: 25 mm

  • power: +5V USB-C Power


description / manual

With this compact module, you can conveniently energize your Eurorack modules using any +5V USB power source. Just plug in a C-Type connector to the USB jack, and you'll have a generous 300mA +12V and 150mA -12V available through the 2x5 male header on the PCB's underside. Remember to have a power cable with 2x5 female connectors at both ends.

Control the power flow with the built-in switch, with an LED indicating the current status. Tailored for modest power needs in compact setups, this Power Supply Unit is designed to accommodate one or two modules in small cases.