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phoebe / 4-channel afl mixer with aux send / 18 HP

PHOEBE stands out as a highly interactive 4-channel mixer that seamlessly integrates into any Eurorack configuration, offering a tactile experience that complements diverse setups.

key features

  • 4 Channel Mixer

  • 4 x Mute / Level / Aux Send

  • 2 x Send/Return (per Channel and Selected)

  • AFL (After Fade Listen) via Headphone Out

  • Smooth Transitions with Slider Pots

  • Performance-Orientated Mixing

  • Wrong Polarity Protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 18 HP

  • depth: 30 mm

  • power: 70 mA @ +12V / 50 mA @ -12V


description / manual

PHOEBE has four channels. Each channel has a MUTE switch, a LEVEL control and a SEND knob in order to use external effects. Underneath these controls there is the MIX/AFL Fader which determines if the signal should be routed to the MIX or the HEADPHONE output jack. In the top „MIX“ position the channel´s audio is routed to the MIX out. In the bottom „AFL“ position it is routed to the HEADPHONE out. AFL stands for „After Fade Listen“ and enables you to listen to the channels audio before you add it to the MIX output. It is similar to PFL (Pre-Fade Listen), but the signal is taken after the LEVEL settings in order to have a good mix comparison on the headphones.

Imagine you are playing a live set and want to take a sound from the mix in order to add a new one from the same VCO later on. Simply pull the fader slowly from MIX to AFL in order to take it smoothly from the MIX out. Then change the sound, edit sequences etc. and listen to the result on the headphones first. Add the mix output signal to the headphones with the little MIX trimmer potentiometer and verify if the new sounds fits the mix. Then just push the fader up into the MIX position and the transition is complete. The upper position of the slider always equals volume that is set with the LEVEL knob. So it´s save to bang it up for breaks and cuts during your performance. You may adjust the headphone volume with the VOLUME trimmer potentiometer.

In addition to the SEND and RETURN effect routing per channel there is also a second SEND S and RETURN S routing which lets you send the signal of several selected channels (via jumper on the back) with one knob at once. Both SEND/RETURN ways are active also when the channel is in AFL mode and not being supplied to the mix. This way you can add the effect return of a channel to the mix even if the original sound is currently not playing.

All channels have dedicated GAIN trimmer potentiometers on the front.