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zeitreise / sample & hold, slew limiter and meandering cv generator / 6 HP

ZEITREISE is about the slow sequence of events that helps to take voltage on a journey through time. Its your perfect tool for creating slow and unpredictable parameter changes via control voltage.

key features

  • Clock Generator

  • Sample & Hold

  • Slew Limiter

  • 3x Slowly Meandering CV

  • Noise Generator

  • Internal Normalizations

  • Skiff Friendly

  • Wrong Polarity Protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 6 HP

  • depth: 30 mm

  • power: 60 mA @ +12V / 45 mA @ -12V


description / manual

ZEITREISE is the German term for "time travel" and the time in this context is a clock signal that is set using the S&C CLK potentiometer on the top of the module. It´s rate can be as slow as 0.2 Hz (approximately 12 bpm) and as fast as 21 Hz (approximately 1,236 bpm). This clock signal is sent to the internal Sample & Hold (S&H) circuit. A S&H circuit in modular synthesizers captures and holds voltage samples at specific intervals, usually triggered by an external clock, creating a stepped output that is useful for generating random or sequenced voltages for modulation. With ZEITREISE, any voltage applied to the S&H CV input is sampled, held and output to the S&H OUT socket with each clock pulse received, either externally via the S&H CLK input or, if this input is not patched, via the internal clock generator. You can reduce the voltage applied to the S&H CV input with the corresponding attenuator.

The S&H output is forwarded to a slew limiter. A slew limiter smoothes or limits abrupt voltage changes and ensures controlled slew rates of the input signals, resulting in smoother transitions and curved waveforms for modulation and sound shaping. The amount of slew rate that attenuates the voltage changes can be increased by turning the SLEW IN potentiometer to the right. You can also feed external CVs, such as pitch voltages, into ZEITREISE via the SLEW IN socket. This allows you to create a portamento effect for tonal sequences.

Below the S&H and slew limiter you will find three meandering random CV outputs REISE EINS, REISE ZWEI and REISE DREI that slowly change their voltage levels (-8V/+8V). Take these voltages from the REISE outputs and reduce their voltage levels with the appropriate attenuators. Please note that the LEDS display the voltage levels before the attenuators to provide better feedback on the status of each REISE output. These voltages are great for slowly controlling external parameters such as sample playback points in samplers, filter cutoff frequencies or timbre and harmonics in oscillators.

There is an additional output at the bottom, which supplies either the clock from the S&H CLK input (patched or normalized) or white noise. You can select one of these outputs using a jumper on the back of the module.


Download PDF • 567KB