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honeyeater / cem3340 analog vco with sub-oscillator / 8 HP

HONEYEATER is a classic analog VCO with two sub-oscillators and mixable waveforms. It uses the famous CEM3340 „Curtis Oscillator“ precision VCO chip, that is also being used in fabled synths like the Sequential Pro-1 and OB-xa. This module is your best companion for rich sounding analog synth sounds in a low HP format and is one of our most built modules.

key features

  • 2 Voice FM Synthesizer plus Noise Generator

  • CV over all FM Parameters

  • Tone Control

  • Internal VCA

  • Internal Mixer

  • Individual Outputs

  • Wrong Polarity Protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 16 HP

  • depth: 28 mm

  • power: 98 mA @ +12V / 56 mA @ -12V


description / manual