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dirty dan / 3-channel vactrol-based analog filter and distortion  / 10 HP

Meet Dirty Dan, the eurorack rebel who doesn't play by the rules of clean and tidy. Dan's all about embracing the mess, dishing out gritty goodness, and making those pristine waveforms second-guess their existence. If your sound needs a touch of snotty charm, Dan's your man. Just remember, he's not just dirty – he's delightfully disruptive!

key features

  • Vactrol-Based Analog Filter

  • Three Channels

  • Separate Distortion Stage

  • High Pass and Low Pass

  • Cutoff controls High Pass and Low Pass 

  • Two Clipping Modes

  • Feedback Control

  • Skiff Friendly

  • Wrong Polarity Protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 10 HP

  • depth: 32 mm

  • power: 58 mA @ +12V / 54 mA @ -12V


description / manual