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Bleak Drear

Catalogue No.: ST018

Debuting Stefan Tretau's newest release, this collection features four pulsating techno tracks that are bound to command the dancefloor. Immerse yourself in the relentless beats and cutting-edge production, as each track unfolds a distinct sonic journey within the realm of techno.

Feel the relentless energy with "Binary Strain," a track that fuses mechanical precision with an infectious groove. Let the binary patterns guide you through a journey of rhythmic complexity.

Experience a sonic transformation with "Entropy Shift," where evolving textures and relentless percussion create a dynamic shift in the techno spectrum. Brace yourself for a journey into controlled chaos.

Delve into the depths of techno melancholy as "Fragmented Discord," sets the tone with brooding rhythms and atmospheric undertones, capturing the essence of introspective intensity.

Concluding the release with "Sullen Remains", immerse yourself in a cacophony of fragmented sounds meticulously arranged into a cohesive techno symphony. Witness the discord harmonize in this mesmerizing finale.

Fatal Contradiction

Catalogue No.: ST017

Introducing the latest release from Stefan Tretau, featuring two electrifying tracks that are sure to ignite the dancefloor. This digital release showcases the best of their signature sound, blending pounding techno beats with innovative production techniques to create a unique and immersive experience.

The first track, Fatal, is a relentless journey into the depths of techno. The driving bassline and driving percussion will keep you moving until the very end.

The second track, Contradiction, is a true masterclass in production. The intricate rhythms and pulsating synth stabs create a sense of urgency that is impossible to resist, while the infectious groove keeps the energy high from start to finish.

With this release, Stefan Tretau demonstrates their versatility and skill as producers, delivering two tracks that are perfectly crafted for the dancefloor. Whether you're a die-hard techno fan or a newcomer to the genre, this release is a must-have for anyone who loves cutting-edge electronic music.

Blank Canvas

Catalogue No.: ST016

Introducing "Blank Canvas", a stunning techno EP that transports you into a realm of futuristic soundscapes and pulsating beats. Expertly crafted by producer Stefan Tretau, this collection of five tracks is an exploration of the intersection between technology and music that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the genre.

The opening track "Rosa Sparks" is already captivating with driving rhythms and hypnotising synths that transport the listener to a darkly lit city of the future. "Snacks" explores the complexity of human emotions and relationships in a world where technology is interwoven with every aspect of our lives.

"Retrograde" takes things to a new level with its straightforward beats and catchy synth sounds, while "Absolute Moments" explores the nostalgia of modern techno and its influence on the genre. Finally, "Walk Back" brings the EP to a powerful close with a driving groove and uplifting message of hope and unity.

With its expertly produced techno anthems, finely tuned arrangements and pulsating beats, 'Blank Canvas' is an EP that will definitely get you dancing. So put on your dancing shoes and let this EP take you on a journey into the future of techno.


Catalogue No.: ST015

Mooncake is a versatile release that moves stylistically between house, deep house and downbeat. Each of the tracks has its own unique character and sets itself apart from the other tracks on the release.

„Call me Maybe“ is a forward moving house track that carries through a rolling bassline and floating lead sounds. Classic percussion and well staged breaks are framed by vocal-like pads.


„Millennium“ is a classic deep house track with smooth chords and pads. Driving rides underline the sounds and tempt you to tap your foot.„She Said“ follows in the same footsteps and treats the listener with ear candy in every minute. A perfect piece to look out the window while driving.


„Obscurity Stars“ has a melancholic character, but does not forget to spice melancholy with a good portion of groove. FM bass sounds meet saxophone pads, rounded off with rarely heard vocal sounds, a great listening experience.


The last track called "Luck of the Edge" has equally melancholic qualities, but knows how to break them up with its downbeat-like framework. Interesting vocals, beautiful pads and well-tempered chords form a varied and unique arrangement. 


Catalogue No.: ST014

Ostinato Modulare is a collection of modular blueprints, that captivate the listener through repetition and dynamics. It creates its energy as part of the essence of becoming to run in two directions at the same time - the direction of constancy and that of change. 

This collection, exclusively created with modular or semi-modular synthesizers, does not allow distance and is associated with cognitive insight and far-sighted incomparability. It shows the metaphysical perception that not all pieces of music of the modern modular age are of the same nature and kind, which offers a subtle consolation to the listener. 

Thus, unlike language, musical expression is not just a convention that has become socially anchored over time and shaped into supposed certainties, but is an expression of true moments and feelings without caring about a certain order. 

“Music breaks out again and again, forms new structures, it mutates and creates new connections, which nevertheless can always be understood immediately”, Stefan Tretau once said. Hence, with transfigured restraint and withdrawn loudness he has designed an antipole to the omnipresent anger of our times, giving the listener the opportunity to withdraw into an imaginary aviary, at least for a short period of time.


Catalogue No.: ST013

Mind Works is a very versatile mini album presenting seven very different tracks from pounding techno to ambient melodies.

"Reat" is the beginning and presents itself as a minimal, but impelling techno track that cuts a fine figure on every dance floor. Rolling hats, dark tones and a functional arrangement are the tools for a functional techno track adventure. More dignified and groovy "Mori" continues the album with its very own style. Swinging hats, tribal percussion and housy notes convey a sense of infinity.


"Robab", on the other hand, conveys a mysterious mood. Freely floating jazzy sounds and unique percussions carry the listener through a small electronic world of experiences. A piece that sets interesting accents without drifting into the ridiculous.

"Lative" begins with a pounding attitude, but unfolds a hypnotic depth that fits wonderfully to passing landscapes. "Itle" lives from a very harsh sounding bassline that works its way through the track. It never stops being waving and meandering keeping the listeners ears busy in every state. In contrast to that pleasant-sounding pad sounds dissolve themselves in an ambivalent atmosphere that's hard to describe.

Lovely and incredibly groovy "Bina" heralds the quiet end of the album. The rhythm of the bass line never seems to be static and is part of the organic foundation on which the song is built on. Hypnotic piano sounda and a warming melody in the middle section make this piece a matter of the heart. 

"Unive" is a melody recording of a modular system. There is no fixed arrangement, no post-production, only raw analogue sounds with all their facets and peculiarities. Here Stefan mainly uses sound generators that he has built himself under his ST Modular imprint creating a piece of loveliness that is hard to beat. 


Catalogue No.: ST012

Stefan Tretau returns with his first release in 2016 presenting a very versatile EP on his own label ST Records. Including banging techno tracks and tech-house beats as well as melodic downbeat and experimental-chillout, this release invites you to a sonic adventure. 

This adventure, however, does not want to be experienced only for the duration of a moment, but asks for a concentration on the ongoing moment. This continuous recurring flow of the specific and unforeseen is the starting point of this EP. Thanks to its catchy rhythm and functional character “Purified Content" makes it easier for the listener to enter a timepiece that is comparable to the rhythm demanding entry into a musical night.

It is "Interference on the Rebound" that continues with a merger of the inner world. It sets the world or rather perceives it as reality itself and makes the flowing movement not only to an abstract moment, but a period of time. "Particles" presupposes an awareness of the present´s transience. If you let your inner eye look out of the window you may see the guide posts at an rhythmic interval just as if they had divided our time into units. A track that pushes the possibility of all events completely into the background.

“Staring at Histerics" is like a reversed blueprint of our restless present time. Like a solution this track focusses on the physicality and spatiality of the listener, until the organical crackling ending finds a milieu-like transition to the world-closing track "Bijou". Here it dissolves itself, the resonance between the subject and the world, and you may hope to completely escape from the current acceleratorism with its feasible fantasies.


Catalogue No.: ST011

Perhaps "Radical" is the best name for Stefan's first EP in 2015. And that´s just because the style of this publication has changed radically in contrast to his previous releases. Driving beats and rolling synth-sounds move these tracks to the edge of a techno moment.

Furnished with chords and melodic moments the first track "Radical" takes the lead. At the beginning this piece doesnt show what will evolve with time. Because in the middle of the track each foot will feel the beat and wants to move on, just to keep pounding with a big grin after the break.

"Dissolving" is defined by its straight-driving beat, its grinding sounds and melodic accompaniment as a perfect tool for Dj-use. No innovation award is expected here and no revolution is born, because "Dissolving" just wants to live up to one´s name and dissolve in a mix to be part of a whole.

Chords, again Chords, a bit of reverb and much delay - these are the ingredients that make the third title of this EP to a melancholic deep house track. Almost ten minutes seem to be much at first, but in the course of the track this length arises to be a perfect base to mindlessly getting lost in it.

"Lacidar” marches to a different drummer. Being less impulsive, but more funky and cozily here, this track provides a melody, which will surely cause earwigs.


Catalogue No.: ST010

It seems that Stefan Tretau has renounced his past. Parallel to his last release "Set your Mind to Control the Heart of the Sun" his new mini-album "Chivvy" moves again off the beaten track. 
However, it turns out to be less analog and abstract than the previous album. You may call it crackling-jazzy and floating-melodic, if you want to describe music at all.

It seems that a classic house track is not essential for the success of a new release. Ease and melody are his new fashion. Even if this fashion is only a temporary equalization of taste and it will probably not last for too long.

He believes lack of imagination to exploit new opportunities is not an option. Only with imagination can he accept the new, rebel against the old, leave the familiar behind and transform the common to the unknown.

For Stefan it is impossible to set his own limits a priori. They must be recognized, experienced and perceived. Even if his constant search does not have the goal to enhance the music. At least it satisfies his desire for roots and origin and paves his way forward.


Future needs origin, even if it means to reverse the slowness of the origin and the rapidity of the future. Only cessation leads to consciousness. Finally "Chivvy" is not only an expression of an inner trait, but it is a hunt for musical backgrounds. 


Catalogue No.: ST09

Releasing his new album "Set your Mind to Control the Heart of the Sun" Stefan Tretau explores the subtlety of abstract sounds without any climax and insistence, just for its own sake and the effect of a musical time as a whole.

Recently Stefan Tretau feels most comfortable apart from the club-context. Being a forward-thinking producer he is rather interested in the experience of music making and active listening than dance floors with flash lights. A successful development, but also a risky encroachment into the niche.

The very first track of the album "Sparks in Ray of Light" sounds like the sun as a symbol of life, the origin of beings and not least as joy of the day and beauty of the sky. It is a shallow kick off with soundscapes and drone sounds, but it also reflects the strength and tightness of rays of sunlight. With the help of musical pleasantness and classical instruments the next three pieces "Lost in a Molecular Cloud", "Luminosity for a Few" and "Contrasting Tendencies" fill the room with the same zestfulness consequentially.

Just after this smooth introduction "Substance Necessary" acts as a wake-up call from the happy depth. Its linear and stomping beat walks straight into the rhythm of alleged shady sides. "Fifth Ray of Neve" shows Stefan´s origins and presents itself as a classic deep house track. Supported by pretty chord sounds and analog sound effects it prepares the listener for the most mainstream capable title of the album. Equipped with a vocal, a break in the middle, a solid beat and all that goes with it "The New Solar Silence" spreads a solid tech house atmosphere.

But Stefan dares not to return to the club too much as "Corona's Flare" and "Ulysses sample" already explore the vastness of jazzy-analog swing again. Rarely heard sounds and a lot of details keep the tension taut, just until the penultimate appearance of "Sun Soul Supreme" rises up into the basement of the next electronica jazz club. Here you will also find "Faintly Sweet" with its intangible abstract patterns and vivid sounds – a truly abstract ending.

This release is not easy, it's versatile, detailed, constant and shallow, but also powerful and abstract. It needs time to listen and a slow approach to get your mind accustomed to it, just like your eyes to the light of the sun.


Catalogue No.: ST08

Less weight, more playfulness, less deepness, more house - perhaps that was Stefan Tretau's intention with his latest EP "Rise Up" on ST_Records. According to the season ST008 rather shines with swinging basslines and cheerful head-banging rhythms, instead of profound chords and pads.

"Rise Up" sounds like a wake-up call, an invitation to move. The groovy bassline exudes a direct funk that is pollinated by chords and melodies. In the break a whole swarm of sounds effuses just looking for the best house nectar, only to await the sweet juice of the next perennial in the last part of the track.

Even with "Orange Blossom" the piece is carried by the bassline. Slightly stomping and singing with the accompaniment of a thousand-marching bees the strings prepare the listener to the underlying irony of the track, that is being confirmed by the easiness of the melody until the last bar.

Oldskoolish and moody “Buckwheat" starts off. The funky carved up 303 Bassline hatches out of its honeycomb in the middle of the song and unfolds its beauty extensively in the contrary held break. Playful and fresh the track leads the swarm to the peripheral areas of any acid moments.


Catalogue No.: ST07

Three words whose meaning do not have a high reputation nowadays. People seem to be too much influenced by the ubiquitous fast pace, the media omnipresence of the incomprehension and chronic overconfidence. Love Lore Lowliness is criticising the hedonistic crowd by snapshots of works and polaroids of silence without being sentimental, and as a sideffect, it shows Stefan Tretau's versatility on ST Records.

[LOVE] Love is generally known as the strongest feeling of affection and esteem a person can place in another. A state of intimate posture and deep connection that transcends any particular purpose or use. A feeling that is not only met with people, but also things and actions. Love is an explanation of action in full surrender, continuously and over again, regardless of the appreciation obtained.

[LORE] The knowledge to understand things and then aligning his action according to it doesnt come out of the blue. It needs some effort you will find this lore as a pay check in the decision fundus. The expectation to get, control and dominate without much struggle is the biggest obstacle - not the perfection of knowledge is important, but the confrontation with the challenge. Whereby also languishing ignorance is a chance for the unexpected.

[LOWLINESS] Humility is not the misunderstanding of the submission to the Lord. Without denying this, the term has more useful meanings: humility and the realization that you will not always reach the goal first. Lack of humility and lack of self-confidence to show humility are a breeding ground for disaffection and assault. Only the one who lowers his head once, sees the floor, carrying him constantly.

[ALBUM] Whether you are transferring these words directly or indirectly on the album and it´s music, is up to each individual. Regardless of this it becomes clear what is the reason for doing such a work: the love of music creation, the motivation to learn new and the serenity that it will be hardly heard by anyone.


Catalogue No.: ST06

Nothing on earth can be further apart from each other than our poles. Also ST006 takes us to distant worlds, abstract landscapes and deep voyages. Therefore "Poles Apart" is the name of Stefan Tretau´s latest EP on ST_Records and it´s a must for any deep-house-hedonist.

The best way to enjoy electronic music is to completely lose yourself in it. With "Poles Apart" that succeeds from the very first minute. Delay dipped Chords continually flow against the incipient beat and let the listener worlds back away.

Almost technoid and with rustling hats the second track "Into the Past" starts off. Deep-sounding, almost scratchy chords set up where Poles Apart left off. In this case, the piece remains extremely straightforward and definable, but without losing any tension.

"Constancy of Purpose" is like the moment where you fly slowly over a large glacier. Floating and with continuous rhythm ice flies by and one hardly noticed how the flashing percussion describe a size that is only evident at a second glance.

"Edge" sounds like cuddling ice floes. Pleasant melodies are accompanied by cracking ice sheets, ice rain pattering follow footstep-like hats and backward-moving pad sounds complete the subtle arrangement that acts as the conclusion of a caressing circular motion.

Apparently from another end of the world is "Bugs". With its LFO-pitched bass drum, the staccato guitar sounds, the blips and opening hats, this sound seems like a still unknown arctic being who courts for further attention with its dry and direct bass sounds.


Catalogue No.: ST05

How does it feel to be a shrimp? And when do you know that the time has come? To answer this question Stefan Mallmann 's original crustacean was put through the mill three times on the fifth publication on ST_Records.

The original is not at the beginning, because at the end it becomes a real shrimp. So it´s Mallmann 's "Van de Merwe" edit starting with cheerful deep house and walking jauntily into the chord district. Droning vocals that sound like alien calls may be the only reason why you should not freely enjoy the South African sun.

Tretau 's "MNU" elaboration appears to be dancing in a square, barely escaping from shearing attacks. Being snappy and percussive this track remains in tech house laboratory and fetches one shrimp after another out of the slum.

Slightly metallic and sounding like junkyard stomps, Tretau 's "No Human" remix jumps straight into the battle suit. Technoid sounds and a continuous beat are literally searching for new fuel to fly the shrimp-flight-module.

Mallmann 's “Original” has been through all transformations and is finally mutated to the real shrimp. With driving bongo and conga hits, a subtle techouse-crust and distinctive shrimp calls this piece appears to be the mothership on the way to it´s home planet.


Catalogue No.: ST04

Following his last album success "Yesterday you said tomorrow" on Broque Records in 2011 Stefan Tretau now presents the next album release on his own label ST_Records.

"Alternatives to Singularity" is not a logical continuation of his previous work, but rather an evolution and resolution of old structures. Therefore you will miss straight forward beats and the known Tretau-Arragements at first, but instead you get a wonderful mix of Electronica, glitchy Dubstep, Breakbeat and classic Deep House.

Nevertheless, despite of Stefan´s temporary reorientation he remains true to himself and carries on combining deep sounds with catchy melodies. As a result, the bassline in the frist track "Hacked Japanese Toilet" is mixed with the moving sounds of the topic to such an extend, that you can hardly escape from its ease and playfulness. Despite of the unabashed beat-framework, the light-heartedness of a summer walk also dominates in the following tracks "How soon is now" and "Lake on to Iceland". "Last Soliloquy" surprises with a classical drum´n bass presentation and releases its happiness thru wonderfully staged guitar recordings, just before "Pencil Nunchakus" jazzy rhythm is floating down the slope like a rich river.


With "River as Seen" and "Now Hangs Framed" Stefan then moved back again to his roots. He easily fades from playful rhodes house to dubby deep house. Rhythmically straight and packed with melancholia "Locomotive in Lodz" then opens the last third of the album, where "Digital Dementia" builds a source of recognition values by its unusual sounds. Finally, "Curiosity Sings" is not only the last track of the album, but also a remarkable conclusion that stays as a reminder of good times in your memory. 


Catalogue No.: ST03

Stefan Tretau strengthens the reactivation of his label with his third release on ST_Records. "Come on Over" is the newest EP and it comes over with a melodic-deephouse-inside underneath its techhouse-coat.

"Come On Over" spreads with an expecting attitude, an unsealed anticipation for something forthcoming. Despite the deeper chords this track takes shape of a cheerful figure using airy piano sounds and a mellow melody. Surly a piece one can hardly escape from.

The "Come On Over Miles Deluxe Remix" goes a step further than the original and highlights the excitement with a challenging groove. Miles combines deep chords with a bouncing counterpart, just to break the suspense with the aid of an atmospheric surprise in the last third. Great!

„Through Changes" knows how to present its qualities with a simple groove and keeps his retro-look until the last beat. A perfectly staged rim shot in the first and deep synthsounds in the second half make this tune become a true runner!

Being set free and coming with a rolling bassline "Choose To See" highlights the auspicious character of this EP. A delay-covered vocal, raindropping mallet-percussions and a simple melody leave this piece to be a warm welcomed partner for your ears.

„Inside Of An Atom" explores the nature of dubtechno and chillout using simple chords, wide spread guitar licks and delayed percussion. This track maintains its fluffy and poetic touch and may leave you stranded a million miles from where you began.


Catalogue No.: ST02

The first MP3-EP coming under my own direction is now available. It includes a healthy mixture of deep and tech-house tunes and crows with impulsive and dreamy beats.

Like a lonley ride "High Ways" unfolds its hypnotic impact. Immeditaly you try to syncronize the beat to the passing road markings. Lovely melodies and effect covered tones in the first and almost floating synthsounds in the second part of the track bypass like landmarks on the roadside. A truly melodic track that keeps one moving.

"Daniel Doppler" has chosen a roadster for his High Ways Remix. Being almost unstoppable, this beatengine keeps running straight towards its intention. Daniel uses the original´s samples in a descreet, but recognizable manner. During the break it feels like cruising towards the rising sun, just to push the gas pedal in the field of electronics immediatley afterwards. Truly the most racy track on this ep!

"The Best Is Yet To Come", what a promise! Due to its frisky character and underlying funk this track seem to contest its title itself. Fresh chord sounds and a hint of oldskool let this tune become a hotty, that doesnt have to promise anything more.

What do seals and electronic music have in common? Well, they almost sound the same! The underwater recordings remind on effect sounds of a modular synth. Therefore its no surprise "Not the End Of The World" easily reconciles seal calls, cracking ice and arctic water. The result is a dubby deep house track that holds all required skills: chords, delay effects, in-depth melodies and loads of an arctic atmosphere.


Catalogue No.: ST01

Limited vinyl release. Stefan Tretau returns with this mighty fine techno 3 tracker on the new ST imprint. 

Two melodic Detroit inspired bangers (title track Whatever Happened and Lily), while EqF kid is on the more minimal modern darker house side. Heavy modern club tools by Tretau!


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