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flitzem deför / brute sequencer and clock divider / 10 HP

Flitzem Deför excels as a sequencer for crafting concise, repetitive techno sequences and swift manual sequence alterations.

key features

  • 4-Step Step Analog Sequencer

  • 3x individual CV Outs to control 3 Oscillators at once

  • 3 Different Sequence Modes: 

  • Forwards, Attenuverted, Offset or CV controlled, Backwards 

  • Clock or Trigger Through

  • 2x Clock or Trigger Divider adjustable via two Switches

  • Apply Sequence Variations with two Switches

  • Reset CV Input

  • Direction CV input

  • Perfect for Techno Sequences

  • Wrong Polarity Protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 10 HP

  • depth: 28 mm

  • power: 45 mA @ +12V / 42 mA @ -12V


description / manual

The FLITZEM DEFÖR is a 4-step sequencer with 3 individual CV outputs. OUT A is providing a 4-step sequence playing forwards. OUT B will output the same as OUT A, but the sequence CV may be attenuverted or offset with the help of two potentiometers. Additionally there is a CV input that may change the pitch of OUT B. In this case the second potentiometer from top right will be an attenuverter for the incoming CV signal. OUT C is playing the same sequence as OUT A, but backwards.

In order to trigger other modules in sync there is a CLK OUT that will provide a buffered copy of the incoming CLK or trigger signal. Furthermore the incoming clock or trigger is divided by 2 or 8 and 4 or 16 on the dedicated clock outputs. The division my be changed with two switches. If you like to alternate the sequence of the three CV outputs, there are two switches that will forward the divided clock signals to the sequencer´s clock input. This way you will instantly create breaks, variations and more complex sequences.

A trigger signal into the RST input jack will reset the sequencer. Any CV applied to DIR will change the direction. By using the RST and DIR inputs and the four clock division and change switches you will be able to achieve very rhythmical, versatile and interesting sequences you might not expect from a 4-step sequencer.

The 3 CV outputs are especially made to control three separate oscillators at once to create brute and heavy sounds and sequences that will surely shake every dancefloor. The attenuvertion on OUT B is super handy to create detune and octave shifting effects and subbasslines that fit the sequence automatically.