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kau'i / dual techno oscillator / 8 HP

KAU'I is a basic two oscillator sound generator that was designed to create Techno basses and leads.

key features

  • Dual Analog Oscillator

  • Manual Wave-shape Controls

  • Independent Level Control

  • Mix Output

  • Noise Generator

  • Wrong Polarity Protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 8 HP

  • depth: 28 mm

  • power: 55 mA @ +12V / 29 mA @ -12V


description / manual

Oscillators A and B share identical designs but cover distinct pitch ranges. Using the A and B knobs located atop the module, you can seamlessly transition the waveform of each oscillator from a square-wave to a triangle wave. The SHAPE2 knobs then take this waveform and blend it with an independent sine-wave signal for each oscillator.

The LVL knobs adjust the volume of each sound generator, while rotating the NOISE knob introduces white noise to oscillator A on the MIX output.

Both oscillators feature a pitch control input accompanied by an attenuator.

This input follows a linear voltage-to-frequency response (Hz/Oct), making it ideal for generating unique Techno sequences at lower frequencies.

At the module's base, you'll discover a MIX OUT combining the outputs of both oscillators, alongside individual outputs for each oscillator.