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ST Modular doesn't directly sell its designs, but instead provides licenses to third parties for manufacturing and distribution. Alongside the sale of PCBs, panels, and DIY kits, certain partners of ST Modular also provide fully assembled modules. 

Authorized Dealers:

PCBs, Panels, Kits and Pre-Assembled Modules for Eurorack Builders (GBR)

Made with Love in Los Angeles, California - Built & DIY Modules (USA)

Kits & Parts and More… (GER)

Professionally built Modules made in Germany (GER)

Electronic Art Research Society is a small online shop that sells circuit boards, parts, and accessories for Eurorack-standard home-made synthesizers (JPN)

Please note:

  • The responsibility for the availability and construction quality of both PCBs and built modules rests solely with the authorized dealers. 

  • Modular Addict (, currently an unauthorized dealer, sells partially outdated PCBs and old panels without my consent. If you want to support ST Modular and use the latest circuit boards, please purchase your ST Modular PCBs and panels from one of the other authorized sellers.

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