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Bills of Materials, Interactive BOMs, Stencils, PCB Pictures and other helpful information is available in the support section. 

note for builders
  • It is recommended that ST modular PCBs are only soldered and assembled by experienced builders.

  • If you intend to build an ST MODULAR module, you should be able to solder components in the 0603 package.

  • No assembly instructions are available. However, the boards are deliberately designed to ensure easy assembly and have been praised by numerous builders for their self-explanatory and solder-friendly design.

  • There are no PDF user manuals available for the modules. Functional descriptions and further details can be found on the respective module website.

  • If there are any further questions, don't hesitate to ask in the forum.

  • The successful assembly, the safe power supply and the necessary calibration of the module are exclusively your responsibility.

  • You are solely responsible for ensuring that the finished module does not damage other devices to which you connect it.

  • You are responsible for any damage to other equipment.

  • ST Modular is not responsible if you injure yourself or others or damage your property or the property of others while building or using the circuit boards provided.

  • No PCBs, complete kits or assembled modules will be available through in the future and no repairs will be offered or carried out.


For most larger ST Modular projects there are Interactive BOMs available. These will show the location of a selected part in an interactive *.html file in your standard browser. Additionally there is a „Highlight First Pin“ functionality that will help you to find the correct IC orientation. The iBOMs are located in the download section.


Important note!

Please be aware that the iBOM may occasionally display incorrect values. We recommend using the iBOM tool primarily to assist in identifying components on the board with greater ease. When it comes to obtaining and ordering parts, we advise relying exclusively on the Excel BOM.

documentation & support

no manuals?

There are no instruction manuals in file form. However, on the respective module pages, there are functional descriptions and operating instructions provided.

no build guides?

The PCBs are deliberately crafted for easy assembly. Many builders have discovered them to be self-explanatory and user-friendly for soldering. Any specific instructions are clearly stated in the Bills of Materials.


To ensure that the requested information reaches all members of the builder's community, kindly refrain from sending emails. Instead, please share your inquiries in the forum on this website.

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