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emoo / eurorack adapter module for MOOER guitar effect pedals / 8 HP

Emoo is an 8HP Eurorack Adapter Module for some of the MOOER guitar effect pedals.

key features

  • Use most of your MOOER EFX pedals in your modular setup

  • Easy plug and play without dealing with adapter cables

  • Use your Eurorack power supply unit to power your little MOOER pedal

  • Passive Volume Trimmer to limit high Eurorack signals on the back of the PCB

  • Wrong polarity protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 8 HP

  • depth: 30 mm

  • power consumption depends on the pedal you choose (from 3mA to 160mA; Sky Verb approx. 130mA)


description / manual

The PCB set consists of a little adapter PCB with a 12V to 9V voltage regulator and the IN and OUT jacks (3.5mm). Additionally there is a Panel PCB that fits most of the little MOOER effect pedals (those with the potentiometers and switches arranged as shown in the graphic on the left).

You need to buy the original MOOER pedal in order to use this module in your eurorack setup.

The adapter PCB may be used with any other guitar pedal requiring a 9V power supply. In this case you need to make the panel yourself.