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cv bench / usb midi to cv interface / 0 HP

CV Bench is a small and handy version of Mutable Instruments´ CV PAL, a USB MIDI to CV Interface. It enables you to control your modular from a computer or a tablet. Simply connect CV Bench with a Micro USB cable to your USB host device and you are ready to send Gates and CV to your modules. No further driver installation is required, you can directly select CV PAL as your midi port in your DAW´s midi settings.
Unlike to the original, this version has shrunk to a tiny desktop tool that can sit directly in front of your modular. You don´t have to give up any of your precious HP. It also features two GATE LEDs that indicate when a gate signal is present at the gate jacks. CV BENCH is powered by the USB cable.


key features

  • ​USB MIDI to CV Interface

  • 2 Channels

  • Over 10 Midi Modes

  • Gate LED Indication



  • Plug & Play

  • USB Powered

  • 0HP Desktop-Tool

description / manual

The interface has two channels that can be used in various different ways depending on the MIDI channel applied. The most popular modes are:

Channel 1: Monophonic mode
OUT 1: Note CV 
OUT 2: Velocity CV 
GATE 1: Gate 
GATE 2: Gate 

Channel 3 / Channel 4: Dual monophonic mode
OUT 1: Note CV for channel 3 
OUT 2: Note CV for channel 4 
GATE 1: Gate for channel 3 
GATE 2: Gate for channel 4 

Channel 5: Duophonic mode
OUT 1: Note CV output 1 
OUT 2: Note CV output 2 
GATE 1: Gate 
GATE 2: Gate 

Channel 10: Drums
OUT 1: BD (note 36) trigger 
OUT 2: SD (note 38) trigger 
GATE 1: SD2 (note 40) trigger 
GATE 2: CHH (note 46) trigger 

CV BENCH works with the same firmware as the original CV PAL. Since it uses an unusual USB setting, you may experience message delays on systems running Windows. Please see the video below where I used CV BENCH to control my modular from Ableton on a Windows 10 computer and decide yourself if you feel any jitter or delays.

Released under cc-by-sa-3.0 licence. You may refer to the original CV PAL manual for further information.



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