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clanches / branches with internal cv clock / 6 HP

CLANCHES is an 6 HP clock source and dual random gate. It is a modification of Émilie Gillet's module Branches.

key features

  • Internal Clock Source

  • Dual Random Gate

  • CV Clock

  • HOLD Function

  • Probability CV

  • Clock normalled to both Gates

  • 3x LED

  • Two separate Gate Inputs

  • Probabilty CV

  • Skiff friendly

specs & downloads

  • width: 6 HP

  • depth: 28 mm

  • power: 60 mA @ +12V / 35 mA @ -12V


description / manual

The internal clock indicated by the LED located in the centre is normalled to both inputs of the random gate. If there is an external trigger patched to one of the IN jacks, this connection will be interrupted. The gate takes a trigger or gate as an input and routes it to either one of its two outputs A and B according to a random coin toss.

You can manually adjust the internal clock rate. A Switch changes the range from slow over moderate to very fast.The CV input gives you the opportunity to use control voltages in order to adjust the clock speed. Any signal above 3V will vary the rate. If the signal drops below 3V the clock generator is forced to hold. This way you can generate very interesting rhythms by just patching a random signal or LFO into the Clock CV. The internal clock is furthermore supplied via the OUT jack.

The two manual controls P1 and P2 and their corresponding CV inputs change the probability of a signal to be routed to one of its outputs. In extreme settings, the outcome is no longer random causing the module to behave like a voltage controlled switch. The two LEDs on top indicate which output of each channel has been selected to route the signal.

In contrast to the original Branches module the two toggle switches simple change the behaviour if the P1 or P2 is set fully clock- or fully counter clockwise. If you hold the button for 2 seconds once the signal will be routed to A and B alternately with each incoming trigger. In normal mode the will just be routed to A (CW) or B (CCW).