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lange anna & anna´s langer arm / three 1 to 4 buffered and attenuverted multiples & voltage source + sattelites

LANGE ANNA might just be the lengthiest treat in the DIY Eurorack universe! It sprawls across a substantial 84 HP, essentially taking up the bulk of standard cases. The core idea is to effectively carry CV and audio signals throughout the width of a Eurorack case. The satellite modules, ANNAS LANGER ARM, offered in both 3U and 1U format, play a crucial role in further distributing signals across your case.


key features

  • ​3x 1 to 4 Buffered Multiple

  • Attenuverter per Channel

  • Constant Voltages Normalized to Inputs

  • LED Indication

  • Optional Satellite Modules with Summed Output in 20HP 1U and 4HP 3U

  • Wrong polarity protection

  • Skiff friendly

specs & downloads

  • width:  84 HP / 20 HP / 4 HP

  • depth: 28 mm

  • power: 65 mA @ +12V / 50 mA @ -12V


Lange Anna
description / manual

This buffered multiple has three channels that multiply each signal to four outputs.  For each channel there is a bipolar attenuator to adjust the signal level and polarity. 

LEDs above and below each output indicate whether a positive or negative signal is present. When nothing is connected to an input, a constant voltage is normalized to the inputs. There is a switch to select the maximum voltage of +10V or +5V. By utilizing the attenuators, you have the capability to employ these voltages for the manipulation of various other module parameters.

Anna´s Langer Arm Front
Anna´s Langer Arm
Anna´s Langer Arm Front Back
Anna´s Langer Arm 1U
Anna´s Langer Arm 1U
Anna´s Langer Arm 1U

ANNA'S LANGER ARM was conceived for journeys to distant destinations. Its purpose is to transport signals to unexplored corners, places within your cabinet untouched by any other CV or audio signal.

This module establishes a direct link with the LANGE ANNA and eliminates the need for a separate power connection. It offers an additional multiple output per channel and a cumulative output that combines signals from all three channels.

The module can be positioned at a considerable distance from your LANGE ANNA unit, effectively spanning the entire width of your modular setup. LEDs positioned above and below each output serve to indicate the presence of positive or negative signals, simplifying the task of assigning an output to a corresponding LANGE ANNA input.

Theoretically, you can add as many satellites to LANGE ANNA as you want, as each module has its own buffers. However, there may be some negative side effects when transmitting the signals over very long distances.

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