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pedal pal stereo / fx pedal integration module / 8 HP

Enhance your creative palette by seamlessly integrating your favorite guitar FX pedals into the realm of Eurorack modular. Take command over the amount and tone of the signal sent to your pedal and manipulate the expression pedal input using CV. To double the excitement, this module can handle stereo signals!

key features

  • Stereo FX-Pedal Integration

  • Expression Input CV

  • Send CV

  • Send and Return Level Controls

  • Send Tone EQ

  • Dry/Wet Control

  • TRS Connections to FX Pedal

  • Phase Inversion Switch

  • Skiff friendly

  • Wrong polarity protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 8 HP

  • depth: 30 mm

  • power: 59 mA @ +12V / 43 mA @ -12V


description / manual